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Along the Shore

Single piece Signed Framed



64.77 x 49.53 cm
26 x 19.50 in






Cold wax and acrylic on board, framed

, Canada

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Kathleen Menges is an abstract artist currently working out of her studio in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Cold Wax and Oil is her preferred medium, it offers a looseness and a freedom from the paint brush and gives her the luxury of using tools that are unconventional. This impasto medium allows her to create multiple layers and a rich textured surface. 

The direct and immediacy of mark making, along with using gestural moves, expresses and shows her intuition in her creative process. Her solo effort in art making allows her to embark on journeys of imagination, leading her to end with a higher level of resolution and spirituality. 

Her process further reveals where textures have been noticeably unveiled or scraped away and exposed with a palette knife, all in a search to uncover the hidden properties of the painting. This practice becomes a meditation, a space in time to capture an emotion. Painting in abstract and contemporary landscapes helps her to convey the oneness she feels while viewing any scene, whether it is from her imagination or nature. She knows when a picture is finished, when her feelings resonate with the painting and there is nothing left to say. 

Her education started at BCIT where she studied interior design, and she later went on to study at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design; Kathleen has traveled in the U.S.A. to further her knowledge in her medium. She is collected nationally and internationally, and regularly participates in solo and group exhibitions. 

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