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1407.3864173042 EUR



Single piece Signed



76 x 76 cm
29.92 x 30 in







Painting Acrylic and sandon Aluminium Dibond, ready to hang

Hand-signed by artist

Certificate of authenticity Included (issued by gallery)

1970 , Italy

In her paintings, Italian artist Francesca Borgo (b 1970) mixes colours to tactile elements and light reflections, creating emotional, dreamy and soothing abstract landscapes.

Using diluted and thick acrylic colours, metallic pigments, and sand mixed with resin, she shapes nuanced effects and light reflections that bring depth and tension to the painting. The contrasts she generates – smooth-grainy, light-shadow – are always combined into a global feeling of gracefulness and elegance.

The coexistence of additional sensory aspects is her way to invite the viewer to embrace visual, tactile and temporal dimensions into their experience and envision a future of a possible balance with nature.
Francesca is a self-taught painter who has been working professionally for over four years.

She is a frequent participant in London art fairs and works in Italy with art advisors on residential projects. Her emotional and ethereal works are in private collections, mainly in the USA, UK and Europe.

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