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Zuzuana Pernicová

Czech Republic

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In her production, the interest is directed to the social phenomenon, in particular she is attracted by loneliness, with a point of view as a social problem of modern society. At the beginning, loneliness is revealed in her work in a negative way, as a feeling of abandonment that mainly affects older people or people living on the margins of society. The figures of the elderly become part of his paintings, indefinite figures, small plots as if they were absorbed by the chromatic surface and which at this point seem to be "simply" divided by color. Today, however, the figures are disappearing from the painting and the chromatic space remains only to impress on its own. Even the surface of a painting reduced almost to a monochrome can tell us about loneliness.

After her in-depth studies on the subject, she could also understand the positive aspects of loneliness, which can help us to know better or understand ourselves better. To express herself in the best way she started to paint her diary in 2014 entitled "Now the meeting could take place". The diary is a very personal thing and is generally an invitation to readers or the public to confront what they see with their experience. In the diary daily events are mixed with the search for one's own identity, remembering how important memory is, but there is also a mix of personal balance with family and collective relationships.

The main role in this diary is a female figure (the artist herself) who sometimes is part of a small "mass", sometimes part of a couple. But above all we can observe her alone in different circumstances, covered by dry leaves, painting in the clouds, looking for light... Some drawings are associated with a sentence or a small text, which sometimes can help us to better understand the message.