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French figurative and contemporary artist, all his sculptures are made of stone, marble, resin or bronze.

He created his first sculpture in 1963 in a piece of wood called '' STANDING MAN ''.

'' STANDING MAN'' (contemporary sculpture)

After an apprenticeship in stone cutting and engraving in the family business, in 1973 he began a second phase, the beginnings of which brought out a tormented figurative expression: "FEMALE WITH KNEES".

During several years he dedicates himself to the family marble business and in 1986 he registers at the House of Artists and leaves the business.

Bright oil paintings emerge as well as metal sculptures are made with strength.

Then in 1989 he takes the way of the figurative with a retroactive effect on a hard course, very plated on the ground, whose emotions make emerge a withdrawal on oneself and involves a definition of the work very strong with concepts such as: '' HUMANITY '' INACCESSIBLE '' SOLITUDE '' PLEASURE '' CRI'' '' SECRET '', etc...

A large part of these sculptures are made of bronze.

In 1999/2000 he changes his life and style, the roundness abounds, the volumes become important, the softness of the lines brings a look on the life, the flight of the expression, the explosion of lightness, generosity and freedom.

The forms are harmonious and attractive by the bright colors he uses.

The presentation in monumental format makes these sculptures playful.

The children linger easily and appropriate them the time of a moment, as if they needed to be reassured, calmed.

A game is born and really exists.

His favorite subject is always Woman: obsession, contemplation, creation of Man, pleasure, sense of beauty, voluptuousness, sensuality, eroticism, comfort, strength, etc...

This is her vision of Woman: "she hides all her secrets from us... it's up to us to discover her again and again".

Her mascot AZ' TEK born in 2006, tells through its postures, all the phases of the life of the Artist: the sport, the games, the passions etc...

AZ' TEK attracts both young and old, including collectors.

Best Worker of France 1986 and 1994