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Yasmin Idris

United States

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Works by Yasmin Idris



Paintings , Oil , Acrylic

190 x 122 x 6cm

11096,00 €

The Chaos Dimension is the second realm within the ‘MaybeArt Universe’, exploring themes relating to the artist’s neurodivergence and finding peace amidst internal conflict. Idris investigates how loved ones influence her journey to self-acceptance, drawing inspiration from conversations and emotions. She also delves into the intersection of her neurodivergence and being a black woman, as well as the experiences of those who challenge societal norms. Her research centres around hypnotherapist Micheal Newton’s theories on the conscious, unconscious and superconscious within the mind. The conscious mind holds an in-built amnesia preventing us from remembering the spirit realm which can be accessed through the superconscious, which holds our real identity and could be the soul itself. Within these works, Idris explores the temporal possibilities of space and the concept of parallel universes.