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Yann Bagot

1983 France

3 Works exhibited

Current location

Montreuil, France

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Yann Bagot developed a drawing practice based on in situ experiences in contact with nature. During immersive residences on the coast, in the forest, in the mountains, he seeks to become one thing with the place, to experience the intensity of the moment.

Tested in the field, his drawings explore the reactions between Indian ink, water and salt on paper. Draw as close as possible to the rising tide, at nightfall, in the rain, immerse the drawings in the sea or under a waterfall: the constraints of the outdoors activate radical choices, natural movements burst into the works and upset the plots. In a symbiotic exchange, ink and paper freeze their random and fleeting imprint.

Series of observation drawings seek to make the lived nature present: rocks, trees, waves. Shaped in seawater, other series are linked to the obscurity of aquatic borders, making up a face of the distant and the inaccessible: glaciers, groundwater, abysses. Produced on the studio floor, large-format series attempt to restore the immersive scale and physical intensity of natural elements.

Yann Bagot presents his works in personal or group exhibitions in France, Europe and Asia. In dialogue with the identity of the territories that host him in residence, his drawings come together in installations in places where human activity has crossed history: Merovingian crypt, medieval forge, shelter from the First World War, fountain, semaphore.

He also devotes himself to engraving, to the creation of artist's books, and regularly collaborates with contemporary musicians and authors. Along with his personal creations, he draws with the artist collective Ensaders, with which he participates in performances, exhibitions and leads drawing workshops.

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