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We Are Aren

Vigevano, Italy

3 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by We Are Aren (Stefano Daneri)

Entrata in scena


Paintings , Oil

150 x 130cm

1230,00 €

L’attesa dei bifolchi


Paintings , Oil

140 x 105cm

990,00 €



Paintings , Oil

63 x 57cm

520,00 €

Stefano Daneri was born in Vigevano (Italy) in March 1991. After finishing high school He enrolled in the Graphic design and Art director course at Naba, Milan. After his academic studies He completed a master's degree in Brand Communication at the Milan Polytechnic. These will be the years that will determine his willingness to fully dedicate himself to his artistic language.

Stefano divides himself into various shades, which is why he decides to be recognised within the art world as We Are Aren. Painting is the deepest link with himself, the choice of using well-defined lines within his works are the connection with the painting itself. The choice of this language is given by the desire for maximum usability, elevating the subjects, making them absolute protagonists. His need has always been to represent everyday situations, experienced emotions and states of mind.