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Walter Marin

1957 Nogarè di Crocetta del Montello (TV), Italy

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Walter Marin was born in Crocetta del Montello (TV) on 15th 1957. He graduated from a public secondary school specializing in art. In 1976 he registered at the architecture department of Venice, he gave up studying to join the military service.

In 1980 he registered at the Venice art school and attended with his full enthusiasm the Emilio Vedova’s courses. Due to economic reasons he had to withdraw from the University ; he got a job as a designer in a small factory. Nevertheless he did not give up his dream to become a full time painter and in 1981 he started doing a personal art exhibition.

His artistic career has not stopped since then. He develops several techniques from oil to water colour painting , from acrylic colour to fresco. He took a great interest in the free-hand drawing and his subjects, often, reflect his intimate sentiments of life and his artistic sensitivity.

His creative painting production ranges from the most famous jazz and pop musicians’ portraits to other common people’s portraits taken in their daily life. In his works gloomy natural landscapes and archaeology industrial views. He has exibited his works in several and important Italian and European galleries and Museum. He lives and works in his art studio in Treviso and in Torre del Sasso (Lecce).

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