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São Paulo

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76.2 x 92.08cm

3357,58 €



58.42 x 58.42cm

3544,11 €

Vinicius Meio is a Brazilian artist, graphic designer, illustrator and currently resides in São Paulo, Brazil.

In his research and creations, he explores contemporary themes, such as capitalism, globalization, the dehumanization of postmodern relations and the interpretations of what makes us human. In all of his research, which has the support of the researcher and companion Juliana Ferrari, Vinicius pays special attention to human stories and memories, to the records that each era has about those who experience it.

As a result of the work, most of the artist's works are accompanied by theoretical texts and short narratives, to generate identification with the audience and the figures represented on the canvases and installations.

During 2020, Vinicius deepened his research in relation to the distortion of speech and memories experienced by human beings in their relationship with the world of virtual existence, through the Distortion research. In 2021, an offshoot of this research begins to appear in his works, questioning the role of digital validation in contemporary artistic production.