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Viktor Josef Reigehr

Perm, Russian Federation

4 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Czech Republic

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Works by Viktor Josef Reigehr

Close childhood


40 x 40cm


Spring dreams


50 x 57cm




62 x 80cm


Not the last supper


51 x 59cm


The author was born in distant Siberia, in the Ural of Russia. He started drawing and painting already in his childhood, when he was brought to it by his desire to portray his exceptional experiences, feelings and desires. 

He is not only a collector  of fine art that inspires him, but he is also active in creating a creative art, especially paintings. He was, and still is, interested in avant-garde and cubist painting and in getting to know and studying various artistic styles. Moreover, he confesses with his own work what is his interest and what he keeps constantly fascinated, influenced and what he tries to understand. In his paintings he depicts the depicted reality into individual geometrics shapes, which he then «assembles» into a colourful mosaic composition thus creating new spatial relationships.

He often incorporates the «remains» of reality into a cubist mosaic composed of abundant broken surfaces. The realistic element, by which it attempts a more comprehensible «transmission» of their feelings and experiences, is a guide for those who cannot move away from reality into fantasy and into their dreams. He works with reality, realistic elements in his paintings for short, freeing these realistic elements from color, which is dominated by a decorative mosaic of cubist shapes and often shifts iy into the first plan of painting, before the displayed reality. His paintings include not only his life experience and dreams, which he tries to «record» in the form of symbols, but also hi emotions. The author continually seeks not only for the ideas for his art works, but continues  to find himself, especially his possibilities in processing, in the creation of images with which he comes before the audience.