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Varakul Yansombut

Bangkok, Thailand

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Varakul Yansombut, born in Bangkok in 1983, is a Japanese Thai artist based in Bangkok. His work focuses on visual art in a different form of mediums, mainly painting and photography. He is passionate and enthusiastic about abstract art.

He spent his childhood in Japanese and Thai culture, immersively in manga and anime and life philosophy. His journey to become an artist was noticeable. After earning a bachelor's degree in business management from Assumption University Bangkok and a diploma in product design from Vantan Institute of Design Tokyo, he starts his designer career in Tokyo as an environmental graphic designer. Then he got an opportunity to work as a fashion product developer and fashion brand manager in Bangkok, which made him knowledgeable about textile design.

He constantly works with minimal design during those times, making everything simple, not too complicated, or creating complex subjects simple. In parallel time, he is also drawing freely and spiritually in his personal work. More than a decade has passed, he now works as a visual artist investigate both minimalism and expressionism art. 

He uses his art as a tool to encourage, motivate, and cure the human mind and soul, as he firmly believes art is the best medium to do it as he has been saved by art before when he was desperate in life. His work focuses on the beauty of being imperfection and expression. Represent and respect spiritual energy in this digital socialize culture era.