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Turi Simeti

1929 - 2021 Alcamo, Italy

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Turi Simeti was born in Alcamo 5 August, in the province of Trapani in 1929.

He died in Milan, 16 March, 2021.

He moved to Rome in 1958 where he got in touch with the art world getting to know Alberto Burri and to spend time in his studio. These inspirations gave rise, in the early Sixties, to an initial production of works comprising various materials. In these years he also spent long periods of time in London, Paris and Basel.

In the early Sixties, in line with contemporary experiences at the international level motivated by a shared desire to free artistic expression from tradition and pre-established codes through the acquisition of monochromy and relief as the sole compositive forms, his language defined and structured itself around a geometric element, the ellipse, which was to become the code of his artistic work. In 1963 Simeti participated in the “Review of Figurative Arts of Rome and Lazio”, the Premio Termoli and the exhibition “Arte Visuale” in the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, thus sharing the dynamics of visual and structural research close to the programmed art and the New Trend.

Simeti participated in several exhibitions which were part of this current, such as “New Trend 3” in Zagreb in 1965, and the exhibitions held in the Il Cenobio Gallery in Milano, in Modena and in Reggio Emilia in 1967, as well as other important international art shows dedicated to that area of research, including “Programmed Art - Aktuel 65” and “White on White” in Bern in 1965 and 1966. His participation at the international exhibition “Zero Avantgarde” project,n which made its debut in 1965 in Lucio Fontana’s studio in Milan, then followed by exhibitions in the galleries Il Punto of Turin and Il Cavallino in Venice, played an even greater role in featuring Simeti’s work. In 1965, once he had moved to Milano, Simeti held his first solo exhibition in the Wulfengasse Gallery in Klagenfurt.

The next year he exposed in the Galleria Vismara with a catalogue presentation by Giuseppe Gatt. Between 1966 and 1969, he was invited as Artist in Residence by the Fairleigh Dickinson University and he spent long periods of time in New York where he set up a studio and produced numerous art works, within the rigorous poetic which he had been gradually defining. Exposed in numerous galleries in Italy (Il Chiodo in Palermo, Giraldi in Livorno, Stefanoni in Lecco), as from the second half of the Sixties, his distinctive work started attracting great attention in Switzerland and in Germany, where his fortune was to grow over the years (in 1971 he held a show in the prestigious M Gallery of Bochum, at Loehr in Frankfurt, in the Bettina gallery in Zurich). In 1971, in line with the climate of contestation of the period, Simeti staged a performance in the La Bertesca gallery in Genoa with the “Destruction of a sailplane”, storing its rests in blue, signed and numbered cans. However, this event did not entail any radical transformation of his work on surfaces and volumes, although it was to reflect a further sense of rarefaction of the projecting elements, witnessing closer bonds with the poetics of minimalism.

In the early Seventies he presented his work in other individual exhibitions in Bergamo, Verona, Rottweil, Dusseldorf, Oldenburg, Köln, München, and participated in a number of group exhibitions, such as “Extension” in the Casa del Mantegna in Mantua, thus confirming his participation to the research carried out in the constructive milieu. During these years, Simeti’s work was shape-up mainly as consequential research, in the transition from single elements to diptychs and polyptychs with a projecting element, often decentralized, and with an experimentation of different formats and outlines, reaching effects of greater spatial complexity during the Eighties.

In the second half of the Seventies his exhibitions brought him to various European cities such as Basel, Dusseldorf, and Koblenz. In 1980 the Municipal Picture Gallery (Pinacoteca) of Macerata hosts an individual exhibition. As from the same year he started working in a new studio in Rio de Janeiro, spending long periods of the winter time in that city and exposing his artwork over the following years, receiving important recognition. After having installed a sculpture in Gibellina, in 1981 he held various exhibitions in Sicily, in the Pagano Gallery of Bagheria, in the Opera Universitaria of Palermo sario Bruno in Sciacca. In 1982 he presented a solo exhibition at the Studio Grossetti in Milan.

In the following years his work has been exhibited in numerous private galleries abroad, such as the Passmann Gallery in Fribourg and the Wack Gallery of Kaiserslautern in 1983, the Maier Gallery in Kitzbüehl and the Ahrens Gallery in Coblenz in 1984, the Paulo Figueiredo Gallery in São Paulo of Brazil and the 44 Gallery in Dusseldorf in 1985, the Apicella Gallery in Bonn in 1986 and the Monochrome Gallery in Aachen in 1987. After years of intense work at the International level, Simeti came back to Italy in 1989 with a solo show presented at the Vismara Gallery in Milan, “The extroflexed Canvas in the Milanese Area from 1958 until Today” at the Arte Struktura Gallery in 1989 and “Bonalumi - Castellani – Simeti: Three Itineraries”, presented the year after in another Milanese venue, the Millennium Gallery.

In 1991 he presented a wide selection of works at the Civic Museum of Gibellina, with a catalogue presentation by Elena Pontiggia. During the Nineties, in addition to individual exhibitions of recent works in Rio de Janeiro, Biberach, Kaiserslautern, Milan (Vinciana Gallery), Bolzano and Trapani, other retrospectives were presented in 1996 in the Kunstverein of Ludwigsburg and in Erice, the latter with a catalogue preface by Marco Meneguzzo. At this point his work featured a multiplication and dispersion of the volumetric and projecting oval elements on the surface, with a more intense and diversified coloration, recovering values of architectural relation to an increasingly evident extent. In 1998 he held an individual exhibition at the Kain Gallery of Basle, followed the year after by other exhibitions in Biberach (once again in the Uli Lang Gallery), Ladenburg and Mannheim and by a participation in the exhibition “Art in Italy in the Seventies” at the Salerniana in Erice. Other recent individual exhibitions of the artist have been presented at the Harry Zellweger Art Studio in Basel and in the Uwe Sacksofsky Gallery in Heidelberg, both in 2000.

In 2001 Simeti’s work was exposed at the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art Gallarate. Between 2002 and 2003 he held numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, amongst which shows at the Fondazione Mudima, Milan, the Gallery Rino Costa in Casale Monferrato, the Galleria Bergamo, in the city of Bergamo, the Maier Gallery in Kitzbühel, the Gallery Wack, in Kaiserslautern, Immoblilia in Verona, the Giraldi Gallery, in Livorno, Arte Silva, in Seregno, and Carte d’arte Mostre, in Catania. In 2004 Simeti’s held a show at the Galleria Poleschi in Milan, presented by Luca Beatrice. The following year, in 2005 a solo exhibition was organized in Lugano at ARTantide. com. Again in Lugano, the BIM - Banca Intermobiliare proposed an exhibition of Simeti’s work in 2006. In 2006 Excalibur Gallery in Solcio di Lesa organized a personal exhibition with a catalogue by Flaminio Gualdoni. Amongst the various exhibitions held in the most recent years, it’s worth pointing out his personal shows held at the GlobArt Gallery in Acqui Terme in 2007, presented by Paolo Campiglio, as well as his shows held in Genoa at the “Spazio Satura” Palace and at the Armanda Gori Casa D’Arte in Prato and at the Maretti Arte Monaco of Montecarlo where in 2009 he exposed a selection of his most recent work.

In October 2009 an installation of large white paintings in studio d’arte contemporanea Pino Casagrande in Roma and in Febraury 2001 an exhibition of large painting in the galleria Salvatore + Caroline Ala in Milano, in August a large one man show retrospective to his hometown of Alcamo with a catalogue presented byBruno Corrà. 2011 Sala degli Stucchi, Villa Morosini, Rovigo. From April to September Spazio Eventi Libreria Ferrarin, Legnago. In 2012 the Gallery Artesilva proposed a new exhibition of recent works, with a catalogue edited by Matteo Galbiati. Simeti also exhibits in two important foreign galleries: the Galerie Linde Hollinger in Laderburg and the Mayor Gallery in London, which in addition to a splendid survey show, will present the artist at Art Basel. In 2013 Turi Simeti began collaborating with the gallery Dep Art, with mutual esteem. The gallery dedicated to him, for the first time, a vast retrospective exclusively with works from the 1960s. He lives and works in Milano.

Personal exhibitions

Berlin, Diehl Gallery, Turi Simeti

Monaco, Galerie Retelet, Turi Simeti
Mainz, CADORO Zentrum für Kunst und Wissenschaft, Turi Simeti 33 anni dopo
Zurigo, Plutschow Gallery, Turi Simeti opere 1961/2018

Palermo, Palazzo Belmonte Riso, Turi Simeti. Grandi opere
Seoul, Leeahn Gallery, Turi Simeti
Catanzaro, MARCA, Museo delle Arti di Catanzaro, Turi Simeti, Opere 1961-2017

New York, Scaramouche Gallery, Turi Simeti – Zero Gravity

Milano, Galleria Dep Art, Turi Simeti, Opere Bianche
Berlin, Galerie Volker Diehl, Turi Simeti, Alcamo
Bruxelles, Almine Rech, Turi Simeti. Le Choix du Signe
Bruxelles, Almine Rech Gallery/Projectroom, Turi Simeti

Cassino, CAMUSAC, Turi Simeti, Rilievi
St. Moritz, Galerie Stefan Hildebrandt, Turi Simeti
Parigi, Tornabuoni Art, Turi Simeti
Livorno, Galleria Giraldi, Turi Simeti, Ai poli
New York, De Buck Gallery, Turi Simeti. The Primary Form of Painting
Milano, Luca Tommasi Arte Contemporanea, Turi Simeti, Untitled
Chiari, Galleria d’Arte l’Incontro, Turi Simeti

Agrigento, Fabbriche Chiaramontane, Turi Simeti, L’armonia inquieta
Milano, Galleria Dep Art, Turi Simeti, Anni Sessanta

Londra, The Mayor Gallery, Turi Simeti, Pianissimo
Seregno, Artesilva, Turi Simeti
Laderburg, Galerie Linde Hollinger, Three Dimensions. Jürgen Paas, Turi Simeti

Roma, Gallerja, Turi Simeti
Legnago, Libreria Ferrarin, Turi Simeti. Ipotesi di perfezione
Intra, Studio d’Arte Lanza, Turi Simeti

Trapani, Magazzini dell’Arte Contemporanea, Turi Simeti
Alcamo, ex Collegio dei Gesuiti, Turi Simeti, Opere 1960-2010
Milano, Galleria Salvatore e Carolina Ala, Turi Simeti

Padova, Maab Studio d’Arte, Turi Simeti
Roma, Studio d’Arte Contemporanea Pino Casagrande, Turi Simeti
Montecarlo, Maretti Arte Monaco, Turi Simeti, Sobrieté

Prato, Armanda Gori casa d'Arte, Turi Simeti, La forma del silenzio

Acqui Termi, Globart Gallery, Turi Simeti, Opere recenti

Lugano, Galleria Bim, Banca Intermobiliare, Turi Simeti, Opere recenti

Lugano, Spazio ARTantide, Turi Simeti. Ombre nello spazio

Verona, Galleria d'Arte Serego, Turi Simeti, Opere scelte dagli anni ’60 ad oggi
Milano, Galleria Poleschi, Turi Simeti. Opere 1990-2004

Livorno, Galleria Giraldi, Turi Simeti, ll silenzio dello spazio
Seregno, Arte Silva, Turi Simeti

Milano, Fondazione Mudima, Turi Simeti, Opere recenti
Kitzbüell, Galerie Zeitkunst, Turi Simeti
Kaiserslautern, Galerie Wack, Turi Simeti

Gallarate, Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna, Turi Simeti, Mostra antologica

Basel, Studio d'Arte Harry Zellweger, Turi Simeti
Heidelbergl, Galerie Uwe Sacksofsky, Turi Simeti

Biberach, Galerie Uli Lang, Turi Simeti

Basel, Galerie Kain, Turi Simeti

Milano, Galleria Vinciana, Simeti
Bolzano, Galleria Le Chances de l' Art, Simeti. Seguendo il ritmo delle forme in rilievo
Florianópolis, Relevos, Museu Victor Meirelles, Turi Simeti

Erice, La Salerniana, ex convento di San Carlo,Turi Simeti
Ludwigsburg, Villa Franck, Kunstverein Ludwigsburg, Turi Simeti. Werke 1962-1996
Biberach, Galerie Uli Lang, Simeti
Kaiserslautern, Galerie Wack, Turi Simeti. Reliefs und Collagen

Rio de Janeiro, Paço Imperial, Ministério da Cultura, Turi Simeti. 10 verões cariocas
Robbiate, Spini Arte, Irma Blank, Turi Simeti

Kaiserslautern, Galerie Wack, Turi Simeti
Gibellina, Museo Civico di Gibellina, Turi Simeti. 1961-1991. Trent’anni di lavoro

Milano, Galleria Vismara, Turi Simeti, nuovi lavori

Bonn, Galerie Apicella, Turi Simeti
Rio de Janeiro, Galeria de Arte Centro Empresarial Rio, Simeti

Radolfzell, Galerie Vayhinger, Turi Simeti
São Paulo, Paulo Figueiredo Galeria de Arte, Turi Simeti
Mainz-Bretzenheim, Galerie van der Koelen, Turi Simeti. Raumkonzepte
Düsseldorf, Galerie 44, Turi Simeti

Kitzbüell, Galerie Maier, Turi Simeti
Rio de Janeiro, Espaço Petite Galerie, Simeti
Koblenz, Galerie Jürgen Ahrens, Turi Simeti. Neue bilder

Freiburg, Galerie Passmann, Turi Simeti
Kaiserslautern, Galerie Wack, Turi Simeti

Schaffhausen, Kunstverein Schaffhausen, Simeti
Milano, Studio Grossetti, Turi Simeti

Palermo, Opera Universitaria, Tele sagomate di Turi Simeti
Milano, Galleria Seno, Turi Simeti

Macerata, Pinacoteca e Musei Comunali di Macerata, Turi Simeti: lo spazio della mente

Koblenz, Galerie Jürgen Ahrens, Turi Simeti. Raumkonzepte 1962-1979
Trieste, Galleria Tommaseo, Simeti

Düsseldorf, Galerie 44, Turi Simeti

Konstanz, Galerie Dr. Luise Krohn, Turi Simeti. Monochrome Bilder
Basel, Galerie Liatowitsch, Turi Simeti, Monochrome Bilder und Reliefdrucke
Milano, Galleria Il Milione, Turi Simeti, opere dal 1962 al 1976

Schwäbisch Gmünd, Galerie Edith Wahlandt, Turi Simeti

München, Galerie Th Keller, Turi Simeti

Rottweil, Forum Kunst, Turi Simeti
Düsseldorf, Galerie Wendtorf+Swetec, Turi Simeti. Monochrome Bilder, Objekte
Oldenburg, Galerie Centro, Turi Simeti. Monochrome Bilder, Objekte
Köln, Stoll Multiple Art, Turi Simeti

Bergamo, Galleria dei Mille, Turi Simeti
Verona, Galleria Ferrari, Turi Simeti

Zürich, Galerie Bettina, Turi Simeti
Genova, Galleria La Bertesca, Turi Simeti, Distruzione dell’aliante
Bochum, Galerie M. , Ulrich Erben, Turi Simeti
Novara, Galleria Uxa, Turi Simeti
Frankfurt am Main, Galerie Loehr, Ulrich Erben, Bilder. Turi Simeti, Objecte

Kreuzlingen, Galerie Latzer, Turi Simeti
Virgin Islands, Henry Gallery, Turi Simeti
Lecco, Galleria Stefanoni, Turi Simeti

Roma, Galleria Cadario, Turi Simeti
Milano, Galleria Cadario, Turi Simeti
Livorno, Galleria Giraldi, Turi Simeti

Grenchen, Galerie Brechbüehl, Simeti. Zeigt neue Bilder

Palermo, Galleria Il Chiodo, Simeti
Milano, Galleria Vismara, Simeti

Klangenfurt, Galerie Wulfengasse, Bonalumi, Simeti

Works by Turi Simeti

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