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Tom Poelmans

1984 Belgium

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A painter often has the idea that he has the freedom to paint whatever he wants. Maybe this is true, maybe it isn’t. Each time whenever I start with a new painting I like to begin with tis rather naïve thought that I can painting anything I want.

The idea that I can paint something completely new, which is off course not true, strangely soothes me. I believe that every painting you make, eventually results in a confrontation with this illusion of free will. Afterall as a painter you’re in a way restricted to a certain degree and often you get in trouble because of something you’ve tried on the canvas.

When that happens you search for ways to get out of that situation. So I guess in fact there is not much actual freedom. As a painter you (always) have to make choices and you’re always limited by one thing or another. The paintings have a function as specific pinpricks in the tradition of painting, but at the same time they’re attempts to escape any conceptual or pictorial framework.

The final painting is a residue of this struggle. A process or a journey with endless possibilities but which requires you to take decisions. A process that starts with a drawing and ends with a totally unpredictable image. For me painting is like traveling without moving.

"Every time Tom Poelmans begins to paint, a pervading innocent and spontaneous thought that he can freely paint whatever he wants to arise in him. Each painting he creates inevitably translates into a confrontation of an illusionistic free will that he gives to himself. The final painting is undoubtedly the result of this struggle. It is a process characterized by endless possibilities, starting with a drawing and ending with an unpredictable pictorial image. Poised between reality and illusion, between ideology and ethics, with a dreamlike vocation and loaded with symbols, allegories and metaphors, Poelmans’ work shows an exceptional and intricate heterogeneity, characterized by both precise compositions and confident and materialistic brushstrokes, covering every centimetre of the surfaces used" - Domenico De Chirico.

Recent solo / duo exhibitions:



The Hidden History,Andrea Festa fine Art, Rome IT


The End of Time' Rodolphe Janssen, Brussel


White Whale Gallery, Solo Antwerp

‘The Eternal Sunday’ The Cabin LA, Los Angeles CA, USA

Prenten van Poelmans, SecondRoom, Antwerp

Prize Grote Actuele TekenPrijs Ronse – second laureate – 2016

Prize Grote Prijs Ernest Albert – selection 2012

Prize Gaverprijs – selection 2012

Prize Camille Huysmans Laureate – 2010


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