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Milan, Italy

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(Milan, 1963) Fascinated by the fragility and lightness of the paper, Susy Manzo makes this material a key element for the realization of her works.

With drawing, paper cutting and sculpture represent labyrinths, imaginary places, memories, embroideries and paper textures, in which the human figure merges totally with the natural world. She develops artistic projects related to the popular customs and traditions of our culture: "Hanging Stories" (2016) and "Role Games" (2012).

The gender role is the guiding element of "Role-playing", created in 2012, following a careful investigation and reflection on the stereotyped messages contained in nursery rhymes, popular songs and games aimed at children. In "Suspended Stories" the artist investigates the memory, the emotions and the affections experienced by scrutinizing her most intimate and profound past.

Susy Manzo has participated in personal exhibitions, collective exhibitions and art fairs, national and international, in Italy, Portugal, Austria, Spain, Turkey and Korea. Her works have been exhibited in: Museum of Natural Sciences (Genoa), Galata Museum (Genoa), Pignatelli Museum (Naples). During the Napoli Moda Design event, her paper dresses were installed inside the prestigious Parthenopean noble house Palazzo San Teodoro. The recent works relating to the Homage to Naples project were presented in 2018 at Castel dell’Ovo (Naples) and at Palazzo dei Congressi Federico II (Naples) for the third edition of Napoli Moda Design.

The artist's inspiration for her works comes from observing her relationship with everyday life, her interpersonal relationships and her fears. Particularly attentive to the protection of children and women, to discomfort, diversity and discrimination, she pauses to explore popular customs and traditions of our culture. Her works represent delicate female figures, placed in timeless and spaceless places. Tale of imaginary realities, unreal appendages, non-existent spaces. The delicacy of these figures is contrasted by detailed details, often strong and explicit.



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