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Nicosia, Cyprus

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Spyros Agathou was born in 1976 in Nicosia. He is originally from Larnaka where he lives and works. 

He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts “Pietro Vannucci” Perugia, Italy, where he attended a four - year programme in Painting. He graduated with honours and distinction.  In 2003 he attended the Postgraduate degree in Theory and Practice of Contemporary Art, at the University Complutense, Madrid, Spain. 

In 2002 he was awarded with distinction at the contest of Engraving “3rd Premio Giovanni Biella per l’incisione 2002” in Italy. In 2010, his engraving work was honourably mentioned at the competition “Telemachos Kanthos”. In 2014 he received the second prize in Engraving in the same competition.  

In October 2007 he presented his first solo exhibition entitled MIMNISKO at the Gallery Kypriaki Gonia Larnaka and in October 2016 his second entitled MIMNISKO II, at the same Gallery.    

He has participated in many group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad.    

Solo Exhibitions: 

  • October 2007:                           MIMNISKO,   Gallery Kypriaki Gonia, Larnaka, Cyprus  
  • October 2016:                           MIMNISKO II, Gallery Kypriaki  Gonia, Larnaka, Cyprus  


Selected Exhibitions:

  • May 2000:

         “Limes”, Corciano , Italy

  • November 2004: 

         “Pirotecnia”, University  Complutense of Madrid, Spain    

  • February 2005:   

         “Unclaimed luggage”, Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, Spain 

  • February 2005:             

          “all drawing”, An untitled space/espacio sin titulo, Madrid, Spain  

  • May 2007:             

          “Space Walk 2”, Municipal  Gallery of Larnaka, Cyprus  

  • September 2010:                 

          “Printmaking Exhibition Days 2010”, Nicosia, Cyprus

  • June – December 2010: 

        “The 50 Years of the Republic of Cyprus engraved by Cypriots”, London – Patra – Athens – Nicosia

  • May 2012: 

         “Una Ventana hacia Chipre  através de la Mirada de sus artistas”, ENAP Universidad  Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, Galería Luis Nishizawa, Mexico                                            

  • December 2013:

         “Playing”, Argo Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus                                            

  • March 2014:

         “Print Act”, Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia, Cyprus                             

  • September 2014: 

         “No words”, Municipal Gallery of Larnaka, Cyprus   

  • March 2015:         

           “My different other” by Costas Manouris Apothiki 79, Larnaka, Cyprus    

  • April 2016:

          “Ancient Kition and the contemporary world of Larnaka”, Kition  Archeological Site - Larnaka, Cyprus  

  • June 2017:       

         “Summer Breeze”, Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos,  Nicosia, Cyprus  

  • October 2017:    

          “3πιΣτρώσεις”, Blue Iris Gallery, Paphos, Cyprus  

  • June 2018:      

         “Interpreting blue”, Gallery Kypriaki Gonia, Larnaka, Cyprus  

  • October 2018:

          “The Sea Within”, Limassol Municipal Arts Center – Apothikes Papadaki ,Limassol, Cyprus  

  • April 2019:

          “Flavours of Art”, Municipal  Gallery of Larnaka, Cyprus   

  • November 2019:

         “The Berengaria Project", Limassol Municipal Arts Center Apothikes Papadaki, Limassol, Cyprus   

  • December 2020:

          “Winter Group Exhibition”, The O Gallery, Larnaka, Cyprus 

  • March 2021:

         “Duologue”, Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos, Nicosia, Cyprus 

  • March 2022:

         “Lush Art in difficult times 2022”, Is not gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus  

  • July 2022:

         “Summer Group Exhibition”, The O Gallery, Larnaka, Cyprus