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Sondra Segala

Trento, Italy

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    Sayato , Virtual Gallery - IT


Works by Sondra Segala

S. Blu III


Paintings , Mixed Media , Wood

80 x 80cm


Sondra Segala was born in 1963 in Tolentino, a small town in the heart of Italy. Her artistic path begins, as it happened in the Italian Renaissance, in the studio of a local artist, where she acquires a predominantly figurative pictorial language. The encounter with abstract art was an obligatory step, fascinated by American abstract expressionism and by Alberto Burri’s informal material. The metabolic process that characterizes the artist’s painting is the use of natural and resulting materials, mixed with pure pigments, acrylics and enamels, fixed on raw jute supports. Painting is hybridized with sculpture, produced by sedimentation and chromatic stratification. Thus the creative process born from the gesture, from the predominantly monochromatic gradation of color and from waiting, establishes an intimate experience, a spiritual tension between the artist and his work. The pictorial style is free, fast, but controlled, and in the apparent chaos reigns harmony, depth, reality and imagination. Segala’s works are characterized by the power of the expressiveness of colors that take shape, life, emanating light and energy. Sondra collaborates with important galleries, both Italian and foreigners, and participates in numerous events and exhibitions all over the world. “In the works of Sondra Segala the color is intense, powerful, all-encompassing and vehemently enters the canvas, covering it like an overflowing river. The stroke is rhythmic, sudden, sometimes angry, like a chisel used in a compulsive way, without uncertainties or second thoughts, the artistic reference is obviously attributable to action painting, however with the use of poor materials such as fabrics, jute, raffie and coal, it follows the original stylistic code present in all his work. In the large paintings, the impact of the overlapping of bright color and the marked stroke accompany us along primordial paths and Dionysian visions. Faced with the artist’s work, our way of reacting is in a hymn to joy, an explosion of vitality that reflects the artist’s personality.”