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Paris, France

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56 x 46 x 5cm

350,00 €

Sneak, born in 1979, is a self-taught French street artist who took his first steps as a street artist.

In the golden age of graffiti, Sneak evolved on the walls of his suburb and perfected his art from the studio to the canvas. An adept of graffiti writing, he combines pop art imagery with urban art techniques. His palette of vibrant colours spills over onto luminous canvases.

Sneak combines collage, spray paint and acrylics and blends his old graffiti techniques into the world of canvas. He often draws his inspiration from everyday characters from urban reality.

From 2008 onwards, sculpture takes a prominent place in his work. Resin works come to life, always sublimated by his technique and his flamboyant colours.

Inspired by the Lowbrow movement, the artist uses everyday objects and diverts them to amuse the viewer.