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Andrea Schirinzi, aka “Skiri” artist, from Milan, born in 1979.
His works seduce and attract the attention of those who observe them.
The main subjects, in black and white, emerge from a colorful pattern of images produced with singular combinations, alienating and familiar at the same time.
They are icons of contemporary culture, characters who are part of the world of fashion, television series and the comix universe.
Present in the visual and personal imagination of everyone, both the artist and the public, his works produce immediate recognition and connection, interrupted, however, by the unexpected dialogue that these entertain among themselves.
Skiri takes them out of context, constructs a scene and plays with them.
From Alice whispering in the ear of Hugh Laurie, protagonist of the Dr. House series, to Popeye that surrounds the life of Claudia Schiffer, passing through Jessica Rabbit who embraces detectives Rust Cohle and Martin Hart.
The observer struggles to find a vanishing point, he is disoriented and at the same time kidnapped by the funds that recall the 70s and 80s advertising of brands that our eye is used to recognizing in other locations.
The artist's stylistic code moves on two levels: from a work of juxtaposition and assembly of images, we move on to painting.
With an action painting operation, the surfaces of his paintings are further processed, with writings that for aesthetics fit into the iconography of street art and offer the viewer another visual plane.
The result is works of immediate understanding and at the same time alienation, with humorous and provocative features. The emotional impact is played out in the contrasts: the same painting can stir smiles and restlessness. The chosen images become a metaphor for a contemporaneity where advertising and entertainment dominate the absent gaze of the viewer, who in front of the artist's works is instead "awakened" by sudden changes of direction.
The world of Skiri is the fascinating decontextualization and reworking of what we thought we knew, but it is not, leaving room for reflection and questions.