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Simone von Anhalt

Munich, Germany

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Simone von Anhalt born in Munich has emigrated to Brazil at the age of 14. There she has met many soulful people with deep spirituality and love for nature. These people and their interaction with their surroundings gave her the inspiration for her entire life and thus all of her art. When retiring to her studio which is her refuge, Simone opens up to the world and lets us see what we might not be able to perceive otherwise. Influenced by her free spirit, the knowledge of the connectedness of all being, and deep spirituality, Simone creates pieces of art that have no expectations of the viewer. Her paintings invite the beholder to feel deeply within and surrender to these feelings freely. Do not pay attention, to color, composition or brushwork because with these standards you will not be able to fathom the power of her art. Simone manages to let time stand still for us when she captures a real moment for eternity. Nowadays Simone lives with her family in Munich and has her own Gallery “Galerie am Schloss” where she is happy to show some of her Artwork.


Works by Simone von Anhalt

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190 x 219.96 cm


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