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Bourdeaux, France

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Mal à lâme


116 x 89cm

2022,00 €

Pure product of the urban culture Shaz is a young artist from Bordeaux (France). A portraitist who admits no limits in his art, he reveals to the public a unique style with eclectic influences. Self-taught, drawing is, for him, a means of expression.

At the base, he was not destined to the pencils but to the round ball. He has played on all the fields of France, has evolved at different levels to finally end up in futsal. As time went by, his passion for soccer made room for his work on a white sheet of paper. So today, Shaz lives his passion to the fullest.  Rich of his double culture, he tries to create a mixed art that looks like him. He draws his inspiration from different arts such as painting, pen drawing, sculpture or street art.

Specialist of portraits, he captures the faces and retranscribes their emotion thanks to the point of his black pen. Shaz has already mastered a number of techniques such as fine pen drawing, stencils and mosaic games. Nevertheless, it is the tip of the pen that best conveys what he expresses. Indeed, this tool allows him to work both with strength and finesse.  He does not hesitate to take risks in order to innovate and enrich his art, always in search of the perfect balance.