To Dream, to Collect


Alice Paltrinieri

1987 Italy

1 Works exhibited


  • About the Artist
She was born in Rome in 1987. She graduated in 2011 in Scenography at Academy of fine art in Rome, Italy. In the first period of her career she worked as production designer for Italian movies. For some years she worked for Nina Flower, Angela de La Cruz, Mauro Di Silvestre and Lawrence Carroll in Rome and London. Now she is collaborating with the famous painter Pizzi Cannella in Rome. She is a photographer and painter, but now she is working on installations created with a special merger of concrete and pigments. With the series “Concrete” the awareness of the young artist forces her to a direct confrontation with reality: "My pieces of concrete could be the remains of a bombing run in Syria by a Russian raid or by a US drone or even an attack by a suicide bomber in Brussels. No matter where. These pillars falling down heavely on the ground were scattered to the corners as if they were wounded. Wounded as we are.”

Works by Alice Paltrinieri

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