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Sam Creasey

United Kingdom

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The paintings of London based artist Sam Creasey welcome the viewer into a dystopian narrative formed from a juxtaposition of lurid photographic material extracted from the internet. The fragmented story lines occurring amongst the figures in the potent figurative works are a semi-fictional reflection of modern life in a state of flux.

Viewing technology and its permeation into our lives as a main source of inspiration, the ramifications and changes they incur on a population form concepts for each painting. Sam uses a technical process of sourcing, editing and a manipulating of digital photography in a variety of ways. Often using a scanner or Photoshop to send something digital through a destructive/reconstructive journey, before realising the final work with paint and by hand.
Some of the larger compositions portray a narrative trait akin to sci-fi and Cyberpunk film and literature, whereby the high-tech, meets low life, and man is at a power balance with AI and robotics. Although fictionalised and exaggerated, to keep the works firmly within our world Sam also uses gaudy references to pop culture and brands in the paintings.

Having studied painting at the University of Brighton and viewing its historical significance as a medium that paved the way for print, photography and then finally moving image, Sam finds a certain justification for painting itself in today’s world. For the artist, the remedial act of mark making by hand and interacting with the physicality of paint restores new meaning to the images spliced and re-appropriated from the internet in his collages. A new unique object is created as a result.


2014: Kollektiv Gallery - "Death by Gallery" group exhibition. Brighton

2015: Parade Presents - "Art Prize" group exhibition. July. London newcastle project space. Shoreditch. London

2015: Flux: Solo show. September. Brighton Square. Brighton

2016: Fluid: Solo show. January. Corridor Gallery. Brighton

2016: Brighton University Degreee show. Grand Parade Brighton

2017: Thicker Than Blood, The Flying Dutchman, Peckham. London

2017: Modern Panic VIII, Apiary Studios, BethnaL Green. London

2018: Millennial Fever: Solo show. The Take Courage Gallery, New Cross. London

2018: Millennial Fever II: Solo show. SE9 Container Gallery. Eltham. London

2018: To Hope: Group exhibition. MT Art. Euston Station. London


Elipsis Journal: "Issue 01: A" 2014

Kollektiv Gallery: Picture Interview: 2014

Friend Of The Artist magazine volume 6. Feature and interview 2018

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