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Langreo, Spain

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Works by Rodrigo Martín

Stripe #05


190 x 130 x 2cm


Blue thorns


46 x 38 x 2cm

450,00 €

Open lines


46 x 38 x 2cm

450,00 €

Swing #02


40 x 40 x 3.5cm

500,00 €

The last petal


80 x 65 x 3.5cm

1000,00 €

Green, sword green


100 x 100 x 2cm

1600,00 €

Two possibilities


45 x 55 x 2cm

600,00 €

Por la espalda


50 x 50 x 3.5cm

600,00 €

Into the lines


50 x 50 x 3.5cm

600,00 €

When he chose to study for the Bachelor of Arts, he began to have more direct contact with the world of art. He begins to be interested in painting and the different possibilities offered by drawing applied to his various techniques. Determined to continue his artistic training, in 2004 he entered the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Basque Country, where he specialized in intaglio engraving and graphic technique. This helped him to understand more in depth the drawing and the possibilities of the line.


In September 2008 he traveled to Barcelona to finish his studies in Fine Arts, with the idea of ​​improving his painting in a city that offered him new artistic and creative skills. He began to focus his style on abstract expressionism and study the whole tradition of abstract painting that the city offered and that undoubtedly influenced his work.


He was selected for several exhibitions in the north of Spain that allowed him to be known in different galleries and art circuits. At this time, he finished a Master in Artistic Creation and started a predoctoral work called "The Pictorial Unconscious: Origin and Impulse in the Creative Process of Abstraction".


In recent years he has participated in multiple collective exhibitions in different cities of Spain, Boston, London... and has also had individual exhibitions in different galleries in the country where his art has evolved more than ever until it is closer to a geometric abstraction that expands the limit of painting to the point of almost playing with sculpture.


He currently develops his pictorial work in Madrid, where he lives. “Cuadratura”, his most recent exhibition in the capital, gives way to the series of current paintings, which continue to explore all the possibilities that color and geometry can give to a canvas, a paper and even a wall (mural painting).

Individual Exhibitions (Selection) 


2021 The shine and the sword. Lucía Dueñas Gallery (Oviedo)  


2019 The inevitable logic. Renace Contemporary Gallery (Baeza)


2018 Quadrature. Aspa Contemporary Gallery (Madrid)


2017 The phobia, the cult, the dogma. Gema Llamazares Gallery (Gijón)

Abstract Act Borrón Gallery (Oviedo)


2015 Winter maps. Rufino Mendoza Center (Badajoz)


2013 Standing out. Alberto Cornejo BAT Gallery (Madrid)


Awards (Selection)


2019 Selection in National Painting Prize Mainel Foundation (Valencia)

Finalist 8th Torres García-Ciutat de Mataró Painting Award (Barcelona)


2018 Selected in XIV Painting Biennial Villa de Noreña (Asturias)


2017 Selected XVIII Plastic Arts Exhibition of the Principality of Asturias