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To Dream, to Collect


Robin Cerutti

1977 Canada, United States

3 Works exhibited

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  • About the Artist

Robin Cerutti's career as an artist is atypical, to say the least. Indeed, in addition to his exceptional talents as a photographer, he holds a PhD in nanotechnology.

It was in 2006, while working for IBM in New York, that he emerged as an artist and his work began to be recognized and to find a place in the art scene and in the fashion world.

In New York, Robin Cerutti first exhibited his work at the Collective Gallery 173-171, based in Chinatown, as well as for the American Italian Cancer Foundation, in an event organized by Damiani and Kiton. He then signed the exhibition She's an Astronomer, which consisted of a series of portraits of women scientists aimed at getting young people interested in science. This exhibition was first shown at the Zòcalo - right in the heart of downtown Mexico City - and then, at the Museo de la Luz and in several schools around the country.

In 2012, he created a "Post-Modern Pop" collection, disseminated via digital art mediums, as part of the closing of the Tom Wesselman exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. His work has been presented at the Chromatic festival in Montreal (2012 to 2014) and in Paris (2015). In 2015, the Montréal Créative event chose to present his work in the studios of ICI ARTV to illustrate the artistic effervescence of Montreal. That's when he joined the team at Galerie MX.

Since then, his work has begun to travel the world, passing through Las Olas Fine-Art in Florida (2016) and the Galeries Marciano group in Paris (2017).

In 2017, thanks to Hub-Art, Robin was able to officially premiere his new series Presence at the Cube Art Fair, an art fair exhibiting some 30 North American artists in Brussels. He then exhibited his Presence series at the Art Avantage gallery in Paris and later in late 2018 at the group exhibition 'embody' at the Vivendi gallery

In recent years, Robin has also adapted his artistic concepts to dreamlike scenographies in the last two films of French director Louis-Julien Petit, namely Carole Mathieu, in 2016, starring Isabelle Adjani, and Les invisibles in 2018.

Her work has been featured in numerous blogs and magazines such as Artsy Editorial, PetaPixel, My Modern Net, American Photography Artist, Photography Served, Claudia Magazine, to name a few.

Works by Robin Cerutti

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61 x 41 cm

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61 x 41 cm

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