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Rachel Morellet

1075 France

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Rachel Morellet is a French artist born in 1975.

After a master's degree in art history, she graduated in modern and contemporary art restoration at the Ecole Supérieure de Restauration in Avignon.

Her artistic training is self-taught, she lives and works in France and Italy.

Her work is declined through various techniques, photography, video, drawing, sculpture or assemblies of elements, and a multitude of materials, both natural and artificial.

Each work is linked to a moment of her own biographical journey that she likes to compare with universal symbols or concepts, in a continuous search for the hidden meaning of things.

Through a self-critical look seasoned with irony, she looks for a contact, a complementarity
Through a self-critical look seasoned with irony, she seeks a contact, a complementarity that can close the distances between the modern vision of our daily rites and actions, and that of their multiple meanings.

In 2013 she is a founding member of the cultural association Artforms, which joins Puntocon-Contemporaneo Condiviso, a network of alternative spaces in Prato (IT). Since 2016 she has been part of the artist collective FAMA-Four Artists for a Metastable Art.

Her work has been presented among others with L'ilôt Sauvage, Murmurations, Niort, 2020. La Deviation, PAC Printemps de l'Art Contemporain, Marseille, 2019. La Station, La Confidentielle, Pavillon d'Art Contemporain, Paris, 2018. SACI Gallery, I see black light, Florence, 2018. Villa Romana, Skūmaz, a metastable state, Florence. 2017. Les éditions extensibles, On the page, abandoned Vol 2, Paris. 2017. GAMC, BAU #13, 14, 15, Contenitore di Cultura Contemporanea, Viareggio. 2016/2018. Vitraria Glass + Art Museum, Venice, 2014. Spazio Cu.Bo, Riflessi d'Italia. Bologna. 2013. Spazio Vault "..." François Morellet, Rachel Morellet/Julien Lavigne, Florent Morellet, Prato, 2010.

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