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Works by Pemra Aksoy

We Are Me


150 x 140cm


My Mother's Lacework


120 x 120cm


(b. 1976, İzmir) She completed her undergraduate education in sociology at Koç University and her master's degree in painting department of Işık University in the workshop of Balkan Naci İslimyeli. She worked in the studio of Milena Dragicevic at Salzburg Fine Arts Academy in 2013. She attended the “Contemporary Fine Arts Practice” program at London Central Saint Martins in 2014. He continues his doctorate program in Art Proficiency at Mimar Sinan University Painting Department.
Pemra Aksoy focuses on the self-construction process of the individual, who is made to forget the "self" and alienated from himself as a result of the culture, identity and gender policies of the society. While doing this, he questions the ever-changing boundaries between “me” and “me transformed by others” in the process of constructing the “self” by focusing on the concepts of language, self, self, self and non-me, identity and memory, starting from his individual memory. These boundaries are formed as a result of rules and values ​​imposed by the society and engraved in the minds of our closest relatives since childhood, and they shape thoughts.
the line; Drawing and drawing are at the center of Pemra Aksoy's works, which treats the "self" as a way of constructing it. Working on canvas and paper, the artist uses voluminous contours on canvas surfaces by experimenting with different materials. Through lines and voluminous contours, he tries to create an interval in which boundaries disappear, and the person who tries to reach his own essence eventually turns into everyone (no one).