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Oscar Brum (class of 1992) is a self-taught Mexican artist based in Milan, Italy. His work is the product of blending a millennia-old cultural heritage and his personal experiences around the world. He seeks to create a dialogue between ancient symbolism and contemporary dogma by exploring the relationship between the artwork and the viewer as a form of mutual interaction.

The artist usually works on several projects simultaneously. His favorite means of expression are: painting, pictorial intervention on photography, and sculpture.
Death and its essential role in existence are important pillars in his artistic research, which also turns to the exploration of the profound cosmovision of the pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico and Latin America. Some of his paintings are made to be viewed using special 3D glasses that revolutionize the experience and allow the audience to literally enter a different visual plane.


"Duomo 21," Milan, 2022;
"MIA Photo Fair," New Post Photograpy Award, Milan, 2021;
"Paratissima Talents," Turin, 2020;
"RiPhoto," Rivarolo Canavese, 2020;
"The Contest," Looking for Art, Milan, 2020;
"Paratissima Art Fair," Turin, 2019;
"PHOCUS & Multiversity," Mexico City, 2018;
"8 Crew at 8Gallery," Mexico City, 2017;
"Babel Galería Itinerante" , Mexico City, 2016;
"Art Cirquit at Bistro Roma," Mexico City, 2016;
"El Mercadillo Bazar," Mexico City, 2015;
"Spirits of Life & Death at Bálsamo Galería," Mexico City, 2015;
"Be Youtiful at ITESM CSF," Mexico City, 2014;
"Number 3 at Aguafuerte Galería," Mexico City, 2014.