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Olcay Kuş

Izmir, Turkey

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Works by Olcay Kuş

Park II


Paintings , Acrylic

200 x 200cm


Olcay Kuş (1985) is an emerging artist, living and working in Istanbul for seven years. He had four solo exhibitions entitled “An Ordinary Day” (2011, Istanbul), “Game Center” (2014, Istanbul), “Masterless Tranquility” (2015, Istanbul) and “Going Uphill” (2017, Istanbul). Street is an inspiration for his works in a way that he could observe changing walls as a reflection of humans’ actions. Olcay Kuş, explains this interaction with his own words, saying “Every day a bulk of posters and flyers are posted and torn apart. All that graffiti and notes… the repetitive nature of this cycle creates impressive visuals on the walls, which nurture me artistically. I am using this as a technique and applying the technique on my own canvas. In other words, I am turning my canvas into a wall.  The themes of my works are diversified. Mostly a single subject suffices. One of my basic aims is to produce visuals uneasy to understand at first sight, by bedimming the questioned topic through using my main materials –paper, glue and acrylic paints-.”