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Niq Nanu Daah

United States

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The name Niq Nanu Daah – an artist name – is a concept. For ten years now, painting and photography have become the focus of Niq Nanu Daah’s creative career. In order to create flourishing emotions, which sometimes disturb or challenge the viewer, her works lead to fascination and dreaming. The polarities of her works combine aspects of existentialism, satire and mystery, as well as transience. In her various series, she often takes a philosophical approach to art, and more recently, she focuses on the awareness of consumption and the idea of sustainability in a globalized world. Her series 'Sense of Snow_Schnee Treiben' faces the natural condition of a distinct white state, not else available in nature, and pairs it with blank white canvases. She manages to combine feelings of loneliness and melancholy of cold, yet powerful and challenging notions, and achieves her very own visual language.

Along with her monochromatic paintings, her oeuvre expands over a large scale and multicoloured works, always following an individual set of iconography in order to form the philosophical whole. The artist explains:''In a world divided by gender categories, religion, racism, politics, intolerance and hatred, the absurdity of our existence can only be countered by aesthetics.'' All the messages, implications and keys given by the objects, animals or people in her paintings, along with mythological and religious connotations, act in a dream like sphere. A clear stylistic or spatial distinction of her works is not ascertain. The depicted figures are seeming to mold into one, confronting and implicating new meanings. Her works stay reserved and open for interpretation.

The artist can be distinguished also by her own approach to materiality, adding to her works another spatial order to connect to the circle of surrealism, which is found in the photographic elements of her works. Her specific approach to creating, reveals itself as following: first painting, then photographing the work, to then, paint over it again. For Niq Nanu Daah, art is the ultimate way of life in which she not only creates a new world by exposing the already existing one but by creating her very own symbolism.

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