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Milan, Italy

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Nicolas Steiner was born in Milan in 1996.

Featuring sharp contrasts of color, the young painter's work looks at the History of Art of the twentieth century but draws on a visionary and imaginative repertoire, which emerges from the reality that surrounds him. "The works of Nicolas Steiner play all its expressive potential on the dialectic between past and present, between personal and culturally codified. The representations are inspired by the classic iconography for figures, poses and colours but also reveal the desire to transform that historical and defined material into something personal. Hence the reference to expressionism that inevitably expands the pathos communicated by the representation, accentuating mimicry and gestures, to which is added the mark left by the artist who scratches the work, emphasizing contours and edges, as if he wanted to imprint his personal imprint, his existential trace that adds to the historical memory" (P. P. Dinelli, 2019).


2019 "GrandArt Fine Art Fair" Milano; Wopart Lugano; "Da Keith Haring a Greta" curated by Andrea B. Del Guercio Five Gallery, Lugano; "Racconto per immagini" curated by Andrea Del Guercio, 'Accademia Militare Teulie', Milano;  "Del Colore e della Luce", curated by Andrea Del Guercio, Museo di Arte Sacra, Camaiore; "Per Paolo VI" , curated by Andrea Del Guercio, "Brera for eARTH", curated by Andrea Del Guercio, Centrum Kultury Euroregionu Stara Rze±nia, Stettino (Polonia).
2018 "Leggere. Ascoltare" curated by Andrea B. Del Guercio, Five Gallery, Lugano; "Le porte dell'incontro" a cura di Angelo Falmi, S.M.S Pisa; "Luce, Occhio , Visione" Sala Napoleonica; Accademia di Belle Arti Di Brera, Milano;
2017; "Osservatorio 9", curated by Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Palazzo Mandelli, Arena PO (PV).