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Nathalie Bibougou

1969 Paris, France

11 Works exhibited

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  • About the Artist

"When I paint a picture, I let arise irrational images without giving them any prior explanation, they are necessary to me and I paint them, they are sometimes compulsive visions never premeditated. There in my recent paintings this tendency to irrational, as a double plane of reality and fantasy. 
For me, when a painting is completed, the question still remains, what belongs to the real or dream remains undefined. I think that instead of explaining the images, we'd better accept them as they are. There is no unambiguous interpretation. We should be content whether they are loath us, move us, we attract. 
Portraits of women and the disturbing presence of animals or plants are for me image associations spontaneous, I do not seek in any way to illustrate this link. If in my paintings, dead animal rubs a female figure, it's probably because for me, life and death are intrinsically linked, but I did put any literary symbol or manufactured. My paintings have an immediate meaning foremost. Deer, dogs, cats, birds ... are visual obsessions that seem to me one way or another and take their place on the canvas. Why, I do not know, maybe this is the instinctive part of the animal that interests me because it does not obey human laws. Sometimes an unexpected or disturbing element arises and may suggest a dimension to a portrait can be truer than the simple reality. I do not care about either whether my paintings are beautiful, even if paradoxically, I paint them with care. As in life beauty alone does not really exist and always rubs more or less strange ugliness".

Works by Nathalie Bibougou

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