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Nada Pivetta

1970 Milan, Italy

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Nada Pivetta was born in Milan in 1970, where she lives and works. In 1992 he graduated in sculpture at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. He is Professor of Urban and Territorial  Design at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.   

In 2005 he designed the leading image of the XVII national FABI congress, the Italian Autonomous Banking Federation. In 2009 the Icaro sculpture is the Economia Brianza Award from the Chamber of Commerce Monza and Brianza; participates in the Cura e Speranza competition, held in Milan by Niguarda Hospital Maggiore: his work is selected and acquired in the hospital collection. In the same year she won the public prize at the competition Sculpture in the city, projects for Milan, organized by the Museo della Permanente.

In 2010 she was invited to an artist residency in Shanghai by Winnie Wong of West Gallery.

 In 2011 his work was chosen, as an artist of Italian nationality, for the collection of Contemporary Art of the Central Bank of Luxembourg.  

 Since 2010 she has been involved in a collaboration with Metropolitana Milanese Spa for a project of her own design, called "Arte sotto Milano", for the redevelopment of new metropolitan spaces through the sculpture of young artists. 

Recently his work "Nulli Certa Domus" was placed in the first nucleus of a public collection at the Idroscalo in Milan.

 In 2105 she was invited by the director Maria Fratelli of the Francesco Messina Studio Museum of the Municipality of Milan to hold a personal exhibition and the monograph "Substantia" was presented to her, subsequently presented at the Museo del 900 in Milan. 

In 2017 he published the book "in Surface" dedicated to public sculpture in Milan from 2000 to 2016, with the support of the Francesco Messina Museum and the Municipality of Milan.

From 2018 he collaborates and exhibits at the Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka. In 2019 she was invited by the Municipality of Milan to create a large sculpture for the city of Chengdu (China) as part of the project of public relations between friends City in the world. Currently Nada Pivetta is engaged in the creation of a floor sculpture, for the removal of architectural barriers, for the Church of S. Sisto, home of the Francesco Messina Museum in Milan.


Materpolis through, curated by Eleonora Fiorani, City Art, Milan
Open projects, curated by Angela Madesani, Spaziotemporaneo, Milan
Le Cyclop, curated by Maria Rosa Pividori, critical text by Lorella Giudici, Gallery 10.2!, Milan
The soul and the skin, Nada Pivetta converses with Valentino Vago. Curated by Chiara Gatti, Gli Eroici Furori, Milan
Anatomy of remembrance, critical text by Cristina Muccioli, Galleria Totem il Canale, Venice
The gardens of art, curated by the Teatro della Fantasia Pane e Mate, Fallavecchia, (MI)
Bankausstellung, Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Basel, Switzerland
The wineskin. In Claro Fonte, Palazzo Someda, Fiera di Primiero, Trento
Mooring, curated by Valeria Vaccari, Galleria Quintocortile, Milan
Sculptures and watercolors, curated by Valeria Vaccari, Villa Marazzi, Cesano Boscone (MI)
Light against light , critical text by Valeria Vaccari, Gheroartè Association, Corsico (MI)



Besides, curated by Angela Madesani, Sala Manzu ', Bergamo
Maccagno Prize, curated by Claudio Rizzi, Civic Museum Parisi Valle, Maccagno Active Surfaces, curated by Anna Comino, Spaziotemporaneo, Milan Bergamo Arte Fiera
Gli Eroici Furori , Bergamo
Mosaic Commune, curated by Winnie Wong, West Gallery, Shanghai, China
Mastroianni International Sculpture Award, Piedmont Art Association, Turin Art on the territory, curated by Angela Madesani, Borgomanero, (No) Black and white, curated by Eugenio Bitetti, Galleria 70, Milan
Cura e Speranza, competition for the creation of a sculpture, organized by the Niguarda Maggiore Hospital in Milan. Work selected and acquired in the hospital collection. Miniartexitilcosmo, XIX contemporary art exhibition, curated by Luciano Caramel, traveling exhibition between Como, Venice and Paris.
Sculpture in the city, plans for Milan, competition organized by the Society for Fine Arts and Permanent Exhibition, winner of the public award, Milan Stories in comparison, Spazio Tadini, presentation by Angela Madesani.
Art Profile, curated by Milena Gamba for Banca Profilo, Museo della Permanente, Milan Metaphors of the figure, curated by Claudio Rizzi, Spazio Guicciardini, Milan
BLACK - depth and emergence, curated by Matteo Galbiati, MIM, Antico Palazzo della Pretura, Castel'Arquato (PC) Cassandra, curated by Cristina Muccioli, MAC Marotta -Mondolfo Contemporary Art, (PU) XXIV Giovanni Segantini International Exhibition, free academy of painting Vittorio Viviani, winner of the sculpture prize Rocco Addamiano, Nova Milanese , (MI) Con.creta.mente, 6th National Exhibition for Contemporary Ceramist Artists, Museum of Contemporary Art, Albissola, (GE) S-culture #, curated by Matteo Galbiati, Guido Iemmi Studio d'Arte, Milan
Contemporary art in Lombardy. Generation of the 70s, curated by Claudio Rizzi Civic Museum Parisi Valle, Maccagno, (VA) SerrOne. Biennial youth. Monza 07. 30 artists for 5 critics, curated by Cecilia Antolini, Chiara Gatti, Carlo Ghielmetti, Lorenzo Giusti, presented by Matteo Galbiati, Serrone della Villa Reale, Monza, (MI) Fiordarte, Philippe Daverio and Giorgio Lodetti, Fiordaliso Shopping Center , Rozzano (MI) Ambient art, paths and secrets, edited by Antonella Protagiurleo, critical text by Roberto Borghi and Donatella Airoldi, Fontanili Park in Rho (MI) Ritmi / 3, edited by Matteo Galbiati, Civic Art Gallery, Villa Soranzo, Varallo Pombia (NO)
Arte05, Kronenmattsaal, Biningen-Basel, Switzerland
The sense of the body - San Fedele Visual Arts Award, curated by Angela Madesani, Andrea Dall'Asta SI and Stefano Pirovano, Galleria San Fedele, Milan Veste di creta, MART, Rovereto (TN) (published artist workshop).
Travel and Weather, curated by Ludovico Calchi Novati, Spazio Pestalozzi, Milan The way of almsgiving, Virgo Potens, edited by Annotazioni d'Arte, Milan
"Angelo Tenchio" Visual Arts Study Award. IX edition, curated by Luciano Caramel, Ex Ticosa, winner of the purchase award of the Amici dei Musei Association of Como, Como 2002
Artists of the Gallery, curated by Giulio Residori, Spazio Ergy, Milan The preponderance of the great, curated by Ivan Quadroni, Scaldasole (PV)
Menotrenta. VI Edition, critical text by Francesca Pensa, Spazio Hajech, Milan 2000 Author Woman Award, Rosignano Castle, winner of the special prize, Rosignano Marittimo (LI) 

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