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The exhibition of Aurélie Nemours at the Center Pompidou was decisive for Congé Berti and gave him a glimpse of the possibility of an artistic process that suited him fully, even though his current expression is far from the influences of that triggering event.

He approaches the practice of collage as a search for continuity, persistence and transmission.

Fragments of papers from journals, which have therefore already had their own life, or fragments from personal photographs or previous collages are reintegrated, reassociated to form new sets that may in turn be dissociated and then inserted into future ones. compositions. The process can be repeated without limit, each achievement giving birth to another.

The use of pictorial techniques (acrylic, oil pastels) blurring the boundaries between collage and painting, contributes to the individualization of each work and to the metamorphosis of the initial cut segments. 

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