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Verona, Italy

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Michela Perotello graduated in 2014 from the Liceo Artistico U.Boccioni in Verona, in 2018 she obtained her bachelor's degree in Painting and Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy. She is currently continuing her studies in Graphic Art at the same Academy, with a specialization in Artistic Engraving. She lives and works in Verona.

In Michela Perotello's works, a world populated by vegetable, animal, abstract or human figures develops. Each element has a symbolic charge aimed at expressing the final concept. The work becomes the means of re-elaborating lived situations, concepts and ideas that mature and define themselves, in symbiosis with the painting to which they are linked. Recurring elements can be identified, allowing the construction of an alphabet for reading the works.
The aim of the artistic process is to identify a series of behavioural patterns that are common to all individuals in our society. 

In conclusion, the pictorial or engraving work interprets emotional/behavioural patterns that, being common to all, are often not recognised on a personal level. personal level.


- "Piacere mi presento" Group exhibition at Circolo Spazio Estetico (C.S.E), 2019
- Call 4 artist, World Ocean Day, group exhibition at CNR Venice, 2019
- VI Biennial of Contemporary Engraving and Graphics. Group exhibition at the Civic Gallery of the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa, 2019
- "Per inciso" Collective exhibition, 2019
- Mini Print Country Exchange exhibition, 2019

Winner of first prize in the White Mirror Competition, 2021