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Maud Flamand, lives and works in Paris, occasionally traveling.

She explores different techniques: painting, engraving, sculpture, photography; and more recently video, notably with the film River Gleam which won the prize of the first edition of the Cinéhaiku festival, in 2017.

Her first inspirations: a painter grandfather, James Keville Legros, with whom she draws "exquisite corpses"; Marianne Niney, sculptor, for whom faults often make the beauty of the work, and who very freely animates the painting and sculpture studio where Maud goes as a child until adolescence; a father who was a cinema decorator, a mother editor and his sister Jade Flamand, designer.

In 2001, she moved to Italy for five years, where she enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in Milan, and exhibited at the same time in many places (galleries, retirement homes, bars).

Her return to Paris is rushed by meetings with a psychiatric institution. When she left, numbed by a drug treatment that she decided to stop, she went to Brussels to train in painting and decoration at the Van der Kellen Institute. At the end of this apprenticeship, she worked as a painter on film sets, interior sets in London and Paris, and as a production designer on medium-length films.

From 2009, she resumed the exhibition of her works (at L’prit de la Matière, at Galerie 29, and at the Théâtre de Verre).

Rich in the critical look that she was able to bring to the dangerously anesthetic experience of her short treatment in psychiatry, she undertook personal research in the history of art around the representation of the body and the symbolism of the mirror, under- tense with a personal questioning: what silent dialogue does the body have with its representations of which the idea of ​​the Self is a part?

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