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Marion Auburtin

1978 France

3 Works exhibited

Current location

Aubervilliers en Seine Saint Denis

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  • About the Artist

Marion Auburtin is a French artist born in 1978. She lives and works in Aubervilliers in Seine Saint Denis. She practices mainly painting and ceramics. She also works in duo with Benjamin L. Aman under the name of Sleep Disorders.

I apply for a possibility. Marion Auburtin believes in ghosts. Not in unhinged ghosts, as much unhinged as demented, out of a George A. Romero movie. Not at all. She believes in subtle, very ambivalent ghosts, quite soft under their cloak of invisibility, which could float around Albert Einstein's dizzying sentence: "The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, however tenacious it may be".

From my point of view, the beings that inhabit the artist's universe are undoubtedly lunar. They are nocturnal, feminine and sometimes innocently demonic. Plutonian. Jellyfish. Mermaids. Divinities of the death. Why not. But without looking like it, without wanting it. They are devoid of malignancy and arrogance because they do not wish to impress us, nor to frighten us, being themselves perhaps the untranslatable vehicle of the artist's unconscious. Sometimes they seem to wonder what they are doing there, framed, covered in canvas, bathed in odorless oil. In an immobile ease, a little constrained, very unprecedented. Some of them do not suspect that they are smugglers towards the unknown environment of the valley of death. They can make cross the border to whoever would like to try to understand this fundamental mystery. They remain silently at the edge of this limit, sometimes turning their backs to us. And if they were to advance towards the bottom of the canvas, we would undoubtedly want to follow them to bring them back to us, like Orpheus' magnificent and desperate attempt.

The beauty of death in Marion Auburtin's work is not quite that of Baudelaire. Not moist enough. Not rotting enough. Under the artist's incisive brush, the bodies, even when opened, remain smooth and delicately perfumed. In front of the paintings Emma or À fleur de peau, we are not in front of the "infamous carrion", nor in front of the "lustful woman / Burning and sweating poisons". On the contrary, we are in the presence of a clean and refined naturalistic power, worthy of Agoty's Anatomical Angel. Nevertheless, the universe of the artist is not radically far from the aesthetics of the characteristic ugliness of the poet. Their two approaches would be hardly conceivable without a function in my eyes essential, that of the oxymoron. Evil, ugliness or the representation of death do not have an autonomous existence but are intimately linked to their opposite, the Neoplatonic perfection of the Ideal of Beauty.

Juliette Fontaine, director of CAPA, April 2019.

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