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Barcelona, Spain

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Mario Pasqualotto born in Barcelona 1953, is an artist of wide-ranging interests: his creative activity encompasses many different fields of the plastic arts, including installations -performance- environments, sculpture, sculpture-painting, jewellery and the graphic arts. Mario works mainly from his studio in Barcelona, which he considers his base. He also regularly spends seasons in Plainfield, New Jersey (US) and has worked in other locations in Spain and the USA, as well as in Italy and Germany. He first exhibited his work in Italy and Spain in 1975, with subsequent exhibitions in various European cities. See his currículum vitae on this site for further details of exhibitions as well as photographs of his works.

Pasqualotto usually works in series and each project involves the accumulation of large amounts of materials. In a lengthy process of selection and elimination are distilled into the final form.

Solo exhibitions:

  • 2020 “Big Bang Building Light!” Mies van der Rohe Pavilion Festival Llum Barcelona.
  • 2019 “La poètica de la fragilitat” Espai d’Art. Palau Abacial de Sant Joan de les Abadeses. Girona. Spain
  • 2019 “La medida del Universo” Museu Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso. Amarante, Portugal
  • 2019 “A medida do Universo” Pinerolo-Torino. Italy
  • 2019 “G8/750 Stars” Pontarte Contemporary Art Gallery. Maastricht. The Netherlands
  • 2017 “SPES” Pinerolo-Torino. Italy
  • 2016 “El nom de Deu és femení” Col.legi d´Aparelladors i Arquitectes Tècnics de Mataró. Mataró, Cat. Spain
  • 2016 “G8/750 estels” Paper museum, Capellades. Cat. Spain
  • 2015 “G8/750 estels” L’Hospitalet Museum, L’Harmonia. L’Hospitalet. Cat. Spain
  • 2014 “El nom de Deu és femení”. Tinglado-2. Port of Tarragona, Tarragona. Cat. Spain
  • 2013 Ànima més llum…Ànima…res més! Can Manyé Espai d’Art i Creació, Alella, Barcelona
  • 2012 Cultura Contact III: Nel Labirinto, Chiostro di San Francesco, Alatri (Fr) Roma, Italy
  • 2010 PLÀSTICS! Second round/ Second sight, Galeria Fidel Balaguer, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2009 Galerie Ora-Ora, Hong-Kong, China
  • 2008 City University of Hong-Kong, “Desire´s Bazaar” Plastic Bags second round, Hong-Kong China.
  • 2008 Feste de les Flors, sculpture / installation. Font, Girona, Spain
  • 2007 Galería Cort, “Basar del Desig”, Banyoles, Girona, Spain
  • 2006 Vila Casas Foundation, Palau Soterra, Torroella de Mongrí, Girona, Spain.
  • 2006 Galería Metropolitana BCN, “Basar del Desig” Barcelona, Spain
  • 2004 So Huyn Gallery, New York, (NY) EE.UU.
  • 2004 Galeria Canem ”Si això es un home-Se questo è un Uomo ” (Primo Levi), Castelló, Spain
  • 2004 Instal.lació:” Dai tetti in giù la vita”,Centro d´Arte Contempor. E.P.A. Pinerolo,Torino, Italy
  • 2004 Sant Pol’s Museum ”Si això ès un home-Se questo è un Uomo”, Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona. Spain
  • 2004 Vila Casas Foundation - Espai VolArt, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2003 Instal.lació: ”Wulbari”, Center for Contemporary Art E.P.A. Pinerolo, Torino, Italy
  • 2002 “Llum” Galería Metropolitana de BCN, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2002 Instal.lació: Sudario-In Viaggio, Center for Contemporary Art. EPA, Pinerolo, Torino, Italy
  • 2002 Galeria ArtPals, Pals, Girona, Spain
  • 2002 Instal.lació: ”In Viaggio-2″, Castellón Old Palace of Fine Arts, Spain
  • 2002 Installation and Exhibition: “Bereshit: la petita porta”, Caixa Terrassa Foundation, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2001 “Performance-acció”: International Dance Day: Dansa a la Catedral ´01, Barcelona. Spain
  • 2001 “Si això es un home-Se questo è un uomo”Homenatge a Primo Levi. Monasteri de Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2000 “Partitures” Can Xarracan, Montornes del Vallès Barcelona. Spain
  • 2000 “Eclipse Suites “, The Chubb Gallery, Chubb Group of Insurance Com. Warren, N.J. EE.UU.