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Athens, Greece

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Mario Cerrone was born in Athens in 1995. He graduated in pictorial decoration at the ''Fausto Melotti'' art institute in Lomazzo (Italy). Then He graduated in painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan. He attended the atelier of Como artist Gianluigi Alberio, where he learned the art of airbrushing. He studied Byzantine iconography, and worked together with her mother and aunt, iconographers by profession. Since 2020, He has been an assistant in the painting techniques course at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts with teacher Angelo Falmi. He travels and delves into Hellenic culture, exploring the territory and ancient traditions, towards the discovery of myths and forms of belonging.

His research focuses on the relationship between the natural forms of the territory and tradition, towards the composition of his own identity grammar with which to speak different languages. The starting points for the work are the archaic forms of the Hellenic tradition, which are revitalised through reworking and brought into dialogue under the light of contemporaneity. The new forms herald an almost blissful condition in which they lose their sacred aura and their dominating trait, to surrender themselves to the devices of the dream, in the magical theatre of the imagination.


- La sedia, il ponte e il cielo" in collaboration with Angelo A. Falmi, organised by the Association 'La Tour Des Artistes', Pinacoteca Morscio, Dolceacqua, 2020
- "IncontrARTI" in collaboration with Angelo A. Falmi, organized by the Association 'ArteMETA', palazzo Trivulzio, Locate Triulzi, 2020
- Solo exhibition at the 'Burzi' castle in Karystos, organised by Καλλιτεχνικός Σύλλογος Καρυστου, Evia (Greece), 2018
- Group exhibition at the Arte Passante space in Milano Repubblica, organised by the Atelier of theatre and arts, Milan, 2018