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Mario Arlati

1947 Milan, Italy

2 Works exhibited

Current location

Milan and Ibiza.


  • About the Artist

Inspired by the Balearic Islands after his move to Ibiza in the 1970’s, Arlati’s artworks developed an informal “materic” style. His “walls”, as he describes them, are a representation of the bright, sunny atmosphere of the Ibiza  and of the symbiosis between man and nature. 

Mario Arlati was born in 1947, in Milan, Italy. 

He received his artistic training at the School of Art in Castello Sforzesco in Milan. In his early years as an artist Arlati was known for his figurative artistic style. 

In the 1970’s he moved to Ibiza with his family. Mesmermised by the Balearic Islands, and the Spanish contemporary art scene, Arlati evolved his artistic approach to his paintings – shifting from figurativism to informalism. 

The paintings he creates become walls – as he defines them: walls of sunset and sunrise, a portrayal of the bright, sunny atmosphere of the island Ibiza. His walls represent the harmony and the symbiosis between man and nature, but also the continual corrosion caused by the sun, the wind and the sea. 

Arlati perceives the surface of his walls as “matter that conceals other matter”. Matter exists because of colour, not necessarily qualified by its beauty or its ugliness, neither by its aspiring to be something, but by traits that are acquired by whatever form the subject takes; an active substance that dynamically translates into art and saved by its transformation into a passive matter. 

In 2017, he was awarded the special prize L’Arca International within the International Prize Dedalo – Minosse. 

Mario Arlati currently lives and works between Milan and Ibiza.

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