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Marie Lhomet


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"After many immersion trips to Japan, I am starting to understand its subtleties and traditions. Despite everything, it took me several years to tame paper, the starting point of my artistic work.

I work this paper in all its forms, from the sheet handmade by myself (Washi or Lokta) to the packaging that has already lived.

This paper, I fold it, dye it, weft it, weave it, superimpose it to give it breadth, so that it loses this notion of a simple sheet on which I affix my colors and my drawing. My first series were largely influenced by Japanese clothing (kimono, homongi, yukata, jinbei, haori) in the features but also the muted colors of married women's kimonos or men's kimonos.

The following series is the counterpart of these by taking up the French costumes. I then drew the design icons. The colors of the furisodes, kimono of very colorful young girls guided my following works, totally abstract. Following the pandemic, paper is now a mask and soon a costume inspired by yokais or men of the woods.

My designed, uninhabited clothes gradually come to life. Paper becomes costume. Performance work becomes obvious".

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