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Crema, Italy

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Margherita Martinelli's research has as its starting point an intimate and private sphere. Travel notes, word games and memories are thoughts jotted down and erased in order to investigate the landscape, specifically the line of the horizon and the concept of time. A painting that traces a path made of links, a travel story that defines the landscape shown on the canvas, with its punctuation made of air, colour and light. Margherita Martinelli carries out an investigation on travel and on breath/time, on breathing and inhaling, with a strong need to travel in order to examine the landscapes encountered along the way and bring them back to the studio.



Born in 1981 in Crema (Cremona), she lives and works in Milan. After studying at the Munari Art School, she enrolled at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. He completed his studies with the highest distinction with a thesis on Anselm Kiefer. She remained in contact with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts for two years, during which she worked as a tutor for the course in Sculpture and Ornamental Plastics held by the sculptor Guido Lodigiani. While travelling in Tokyo, Margherita Martinelli encountered oriental culture and traditional Japanese painting techniques. In 2007 she was a finalist for the Donato Frisia national prize and in 2009 she won the Patrizia Barlettani public prize at the San Lorenzo gallery in Milan. In 2011 she was a finalist in the Ciaccio Broker award for young Italian painting at ArtVerona. In 2011 she became one of the artists of the Barsky Gallery in New York, with which she participated in various fairs in the United States (Aaf New York, Market Art & Design Hamptons). In 2013 she was invited by Lorella Giudici to take part in the project Brain art, Vercelli. In 2015 she creates an installation inside the Raumen Museum in Shin-Yokohama, Tokyo, for the project CasaLuca Milano.