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Berlin, Germany

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Berlin, Germany

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Works by Malte Spohr

Spohr's meditative sheets confront the viewer with a cornucopia of perceptible light and structural phenomena. Through gradual reduction on the computer, the underlying own photographs, which mostly capture everyday phenomena in their shadows, are then independently drawn into the paper ground: line under line, often very closely spaced on the way into the field of uncertainty.
The horizontal lines exuding calm - drawn in a concentrated manner in the up and down of the pressing or loosening fingers - are transformed into surface formations, which in turn appear in shadows or swarms. Well-considered, more powerfully executed, darker and rhythmically applied linear 'Morse' sequences appear as a contrast to the light-flooded, often natural-looking lineaments. Such plotted transformations of natural phenomena are differentiated in this exhibition into individual character studies: reddish and black patches are transformed into fields of energy and suggest infinite movement of all life. Vibrant levels invite our perception to open up to the infinite, incomprehensible space that surrounds us.