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Makoto Muranaka

Tokyo, Japan

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Paris metropolitan area

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Makoto Muranaka was born in 1974 in Tokyo, Japan. He now lives and works in the Paris region. Noticed in Japan, in April 2021 he became a collaborator for a famous web magazine, the Newsletter of Doctor Suidobashi. He also collaborates with the web magazine Finders.

Makoto Muranaka is an explosive Japanese artist. A multi-talented artist born in Tokyo, he first played rock in a band, "Mamma Gil", which means "mom's soup" in Japanese. Then he became an actor for television and theater. In 2008, he emigrated to France, and started cooking. He is now a chef in a well-known restaurant in the 15th arrondissement. During the crisis, he abandoned the kitchen piano to take up his pencils. He frantically sketches a false daily life freed from its shackles. A mixture both spicy and refined of light forms, colors in ebullition and human or animal creatures sketched as if by break-in in an attitude of abandonment or surprise... He delivers moments without thought and without words and therefore, without heaviness. His gaze does not translate a reality, he proposes his mental image which interprets a scene and which, especially, leaves a vast field free to the imagination of the observer. Makoto Muranaka claims the freedom of exploration of drawing, which, like life, is in constant motion. His ideal would be to produce a truly different drawing every time. His style is so well suited to our contemporaries, whose lives and imaginations are eclectic and fragmented compositions... He underlines with a smile our half-lost, half-brave attitudes. His actor's eye is piercing. An overall impression emerges that links these snapshots into a graphic novel, a diary in images. His obsession? To draw with veracity, but especially without realism.

His first collective exhibition took place in Paris 11° at the Satellite Gallery, via the association Modern Art Energy, which promotes the Japanese scene in France.

An exhibition of his work is scheduled for August 2022 at the Goto Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo's "Champs Elysées".

The exhibition at Cécile Dufay Gallery in February 2022 was his first exhibition in duo.