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Luca Tridente


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Having a look to Luca Tridente’s works one gets the impression to sink in the matter their made of. Almost as if, through the artistic process, who creates wanted to say how is difficult, needing and possible to dive in oneself benefit from it, exploring one’s inner and find deep contents. Life is not like a flat and reassuring land, appears to be telling the artist: in it are hiding unforeseen, practical and emotional, unexpected and displaced fractures that healing up or changing their form, they create something new.

Tridente digs in his deepest inwardness: his art leads us to find new meanings, opens cracks to point out unknown paths within oneself, he keeps confronting with a matter that, as the soil, shapes new life and gives a soul. Cross, get past, search for, are the three imperatives at which the artist obeys, he’s never satisfied of reality as it appears. Figures are not coming out from light but from darkness, in a form like a negative that obliges to flip the conception of reality to consider new points of view, a typical reversal of the dreaming dimension, then of the unconscious, the truest and deepest part of everyone.

He, as an artist and a man, enters in a timeless dimension, to assign archaic tasks to the living matter: documenting with their own presence new possibilities into space, leaving a record of existence, keeping intact an artistic sign that shows the human ability to create, that will be a trace of beauty of universal meaning. The comparison between full and empty has an essential value: it shows us how, with an intense inner dialog, the man can reach the balance from which comes out the creativity; The two elements follow each other and permeate in a syntonic circle becoming one the end and the source of the other.

Through the emptiness, as well as with the silence that makes possible to best appreciate music, Tridente gives value to the significance of the fullness. If reality is changeable, apparently tells us Tridente, what matters is the thought upon it, in a here and now that hold the essence, the beauty and vulnerability of human life.

Works by Luca Tridente

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