To Dream, to Collect


Lorenzo Barbieri Hermitte

1992 Milan, Italy

20 Works exhibited

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Born in Milan and raised in London, Lorenzo attended the University of Brighton where he graduated in Graphic Communication. After working for several years as a graphic designer, in 2017 he decided to return to Italy where, in addition to graphics, he came into contact with the publishing world by covering the role of translator. In this period he begins to become more and more passionate about the art of photography. Soon the streets of the city are transformed into his photographic set and the characters he met on the street into his main subjects. The lived-in faces, fascinating clothes and urban contrasts are used to find that timeless dimension that has always been at the center of his gaze.

"Everything that interests me, excites me, scares me and, above all, reminds me that I am alive and witnessing these beautiful phenomena."

Works by Lorenzo Barbieri Hermitte

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