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Works by Linda Petti

Broken dreams


70 x 50cm

1000,00 €

Bright Inside I


60 x 60cm

1000,00 €

Bright Inside II


60 x 70cm

1100,00 €



70 x 70cm

1100,00 €

Blowin' in the wind


24 x 30cm

450,00 €

Linda Petti (1976) is a self-taught artist born and raised in Tuscany where she still lives.  Even as a child she showed a strong propensity towards art which, however, she has never developed through a specific course of studies.  Despite this, she has remained very attached to art, cultivating her inclination  through courses in ceramics, clay sculpture  and body painting.  She has always taken great interest in interior design thus increasing her awareness of colour and light.
It was the first lockdown  that drew her closer to her passion:  to detach herself from her stressful routine, Linda began to paint with whatever she could find in her home (not being able to move around because of the Covid-19 restrictions) and her technique, after approximately two months of experimenting various techniques, took an unexpected turn, moving from plastic and performative arts, to abstract painting.
This type of painting turned out to be very important in her personal pursuit:  Linda was in a particularly dark period of her life but then, just like magic, she managed to let herself go.  Through mélange and overlay of acrylics, the artist  can express  energy and emotions on canvas.  Colours and shapes, although abstract in the way of conceiving the world of Linda, are linked to light and nature, her great sources of inspiration.