To Dream, to Collect


Li Jia Yi

1992 Henan, China

6 Works exhibited

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Li Jia Yi was born in Henan, China, on August 8, 1992. He studied at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, and was a student of Simona Uberto.
He presents for the first time his works at Gli Eroici Furori in 2020 during the exhibition Campo Libero, a field of open possibilities, where dialogue is plural: the group exhibition featured works by Simona Uberto and by two other students at Brera as well. Li Jia Yi's work focuses on colour and sign, which generate infinite possibilities in the pictorial field: new surprising contemporary images emerge each time, with frames of media communication. The works on canvas are made with mixed media and collage. 

Works by Li Jia Yi

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