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Letizia Ardillo

Rieti, Italy

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Works by Letizia Ardillo

En Sof


Paintings , Mixed Media , Wood

72 x 72 x 5cm

2500,00 €

Il vaso


Paintings , Mixed Media , Wood , Charcoal

72 x 72 x 5cm

2500,00 €

Armonia celeste


Paintings , Mixed Media , Wood

96 x 65 x 5cm

2500,00 €

For many years she has undertaken a path of study that led her to develop an essential symbolic language in her works. Her paintings, realized with mixed techniques, represent ancestral abstract forms. Her artistic production in addition to paintings includes the creation of artist's books, digital imaging and video art.

“Whoever uses art as a form of expression has the privilege to enter a system that puts man in touch with the whole universe”.

“In the universe there is the law of connection, not only everything appears in everything but everything acts on everything. In the emptiness of the pages of the books I make, the apparently random forms are reunited and magically take on a meaning. In this way the book reborns to a new life and it is transformed into a work that tells a story”.

Letizia Ardillo began her artistic career as a set designer for film production, she worked for several directors including Franco Zeffirelli, she was a pupil of Emanuele Luzzati and Gaetano Castelli at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She took part in exhibitions at museums and embassies in Rome and in national and international competitions and she won a lot of them.

Letizia Ardillo is a professor of Architecture at the Liceo Artistico in Rome and she taught for many years Painting Techniques at the School of Art and Crafts of the City of Rome.

Cosmi ex libris, 2020

Visioni, Salone Borromini Biblioteca Vallicelliana Roma, 2019

Tre civette sul comò, Casina delle Civette Roma, 2017

Percorsi d’arte in Italia 2016, Rubbettino ed.

Ermetica, Biblioteca Naz. Centrale di Roma, 2015

Biennale del Libro d’artista IV edizione, Castel dell’Ovo Napoli

Biennale del Libro d’artista V edizione, Complesso monumentale di San Domenico Maggiore Napoli

IX Festival del Libro d’Artista Book Secret, Barcellona

Arte e spiritualità: CelestinoV -Eremo di S.Spirito, Majella-Roccamotrice (Pe)

Un solo mare e la parola, Acquario Romano Roma

Festival del Libro d’Artista Naturally a Book, Barcellona

La fragolina d’oro, Palazzo Ruspoli Nemi