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Nillni Laura

1961 Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Laura was born in Buenos Aires.

A graduate of the National School of Fine Arts, she then received a scholarship that allowed her to study photography in Tel Aviv.

The influence of landscape and the practice of photography in Israel led him to work on matter and research media. In this way, she arrived at wall sculpture and developed a series of works crossed by the texts of Jorge Luis Borges.

This series will become her master's thesis of Plastic Arts, which she supports at the University of Paris VIII, with a very good mention.

The wall sculpture remained his privileged support for several years. She goes from textiles to wood, through the realization of jewelry and tops, unique pieces that are also small sculptures.

His wooden objects are then found in several specialized places, including Paris Musées.

Laura Nillni continues her experiments on superpositions and transparency from organic forms and proposes for this personal exhibition paintings of different formats that open the way to a seascape. Circles of different intensities of blue plunge us into a whirlwind of lines. The artist continues his search for rhythm and condensation of repeated forms while deepening a colorful range

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60 x 20 cm

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