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Lancelot Alonso

La Habana, Cuba

9 Works exhibited on Kooness

The important thing is the face, the expression, the story that the artist discovers or invents. Important is the person and what the person inspires. It is the starting point of the fable, of a truly dreamlike story.

The context is usually secondary, pure stage many times. And it is recreated with a few strokes. The "complexity" is in the human being. A look can contain a world.

Lancelot Alonso is once again the chronicler, the invisible mediator between his characters and the viewer. But obviously he is not a passive and innocent mediator. He creates universes for his creatures. Lyrical, disturbing, fanciful... It is the flow of an overflowing imagination.

These may be faces the artist saw in passing, people he passed and went on his way. Lancelot has made them part of his own story. He has "downloaded" his own obsessions, his fears and hopes, his daydreams.

The artist looks at us from the eyes of these people.


2017 Magic. NG Art Gallery, Panama

2014 Delirio (Delirium). Servando Cabrera Gallery, Havana, Cuba

2011 Para mirar despacio y profundo (To look at slowly and profoundly). Cero Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia

2010 Dolora Griega (Greek Mourning Woman). José Martí Memorial, Havana, Cuba

2009 Voyeur. Fresa y Chocolate Gallery, Havana, Cuba

2008 Hiiuuu!! Eduardo Abela Gallery, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba

2008 Siempre Eros (Always Eros). Diva Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey



2017 Lo otro (The Other Thing)Victor Manuel Gallery. Havana, Cuba

2016 ART Basel. Miami, USA

2016 Rompiendo el Mito (Destroying the Myth). Lima, Peru

2016 Ch.ACO Fair. Bogotá, Colombia

2016 NG Art and Gallery. Panama

2016 Garaje 33:08. Havana, Cuba

2016 Museum of Contemporary Cuban Art. Holland

2016 Salto de Fe. Havana, Cuba

2015 Notes from a Journey. Fábrica de Arte, Havana, Cuba

2015 Segundo Salón de Paisaje (Second Landscape Salon), Grand Prix of the Jury. Havana, Cuba

2015 El paraíso de Freya (Freya’s Paradise). Miramar 601, 12th Havana Biennial, Cuba

2015 Territorios (Territories). Galiano Gallery, 12th Havana Biennial, Cuba

2015 No le temas a los colores estridentes (Don’t Fear Strident Colors). Zona Franca, 12th Havana Biennial, Cuba

2015 Éticos y estéticos (Ethical and Aesthetic). International Press Center, Havana, Cuba

2013 Santo Ángel, la película (Holy Angel, the Film). Félix Varela Cultural Center, Havana, Cuba

2013 Sex in the City. La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba

2012 Daiquirí sin azúcar (Daiquiri with no Sugar). Habana Gallery, Havana, Cuba

2011 BAGL afFAIRs. Berlin, Germany

2010 Mono de Noche (Night Monkey). Arte 7 Gallery, Havana, Cuba

2010 Voltéate (Turn around). Canal Habana, Havana, Cuba

2010 La gallina de los huevos dorados (The Hen of the Golden Eggs). Reino de este mundo gallery, José Martí National Library, Havana, Cuba

2010 Bomba (Bomb). Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center, Havana, Cuba

2010 Collateral, 20th City Salon, Vicentina de la Torre Art Academy, Havana, Cuba

2009 Este hombre es mi amigo (This Man Is My Friend). José Martí Memorial Center, Havana, Cuba

2009 Los nuevos fieras (The New Fauves), together with visual artist Rocío García. 10th Havana Biennial, Guayasamín House Gallery. Havana, Cuba

2009 Swiss Biennial. Havana Gallery, Switzerland

2008 Curadores go home (Curators, go home). El Espacio Aglutinador Gallery, Havana,


2008 Biennial of Photography, with the piece Blue, Red, GreenPrize of the jury. Havana, Cuba

2007 9th Digital Art Salon. PieceLa cita (The Date). Pablo de la Torriente Brau Cultural Center, Havana, Cuba

1999 Hudson Gallery. 69 Eighth Avenue, New York. USA



Collection National Council of Visual Arts

Museum of Contemporary Cuban Art in Holland



2016 ART Basel. Miami, USA

2016 Ch.ACO Fair, Bogota, Colombia

Lancelot Alonso graduated in 1997 from the José Antonio Díaz Peláez Experimental Center for Visual Arts, where he finished the elementary school. He continued his studies at the FIT School of Design in New York in 2005, and at San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, in Havana, where he graduated in 2008. He lives and works in Havana.


2015 Grand Prize of the Jury. Second Landscape Salon, La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba

2008 Biennial of Photography, Prize of the Jury to the piece Azul, Rojo, Verde (Blue, Red, Green), Havana, Cuba